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Learn How To Hustle And Win.

There is no secret to building Black wealth - but there is a formula.

As an employee, you work for a company that tells you when to be where, how much you will be paid, how hard to work, and how to look and talk when you are there.

That sounds like slavery to me. So if we want to 'get free' we must change our economic formula.

I believe that if we can go from being a nation of buyers and consumers to a nation of sellers and producers, we can set ourselves free in a very real way.

I know because I have done it. Let me show you how in this powerful FREE live stream... 

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This live stream is for you if you want to learn how to...

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Group Economics, Powernomics, and the principles of Ujamaa
  • Secure funding and resources to start or grow your business
  • Learn more about real estate, equity, and cryptocurrency investments
  • Set up systems that make your business and finances work without your hands-on involvement. 

...all while connecting with other Pan-Africans from around the world!

Tuesdays, 7pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time US ...We start on Time, Every Time!