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  • You want to gain knowledge of self and learn the truth about who you are
  • You want to create generational wealth and escape your plantation job 
  • You want to reach more people in your community and become a better leader for your family and yourself 

How We Help You Gain Knowledge of Self

We start by introducing you to the concept of your Nia - a kiSwahili word that means 'purpose'. Then, we help you uncover your personal strengths and your Ancestral calling. Finally, we show you how to alignt every part of your life with your deepest truths. If this sounds good, click here to get started!

How We Help You Create Generational Wealth

We give you the teachings, tools, and technical support to start or grow your side hustle into a full enterprise. We also give you free tools to do it all - from free website hosting and templates to marketing material and multimedia resources. Click here to change your financial destiny!

How We Help You Rebuild Your Local Community

Gentrification. Crime. Poverty. Failing schools and abandoned buildings. Black communities are on the brink of destruction. As a member, we show you how to repair and rebuild our broken communities by building and leading your own chapter.  Click here to become the leader you were meant to be.



Khepera El

Founder of Melinated Conscious Society

Being apart of Pan African Alliance means being apart of evolution within our communities. Cultivating minds, gaining professional growth, knowledge of the ancestors and unity. With one focus at hand.. The People!!! I previously launched my website with PAA and plan on doing more work as I align MCS ( Melinated Conscious Society), with the knowledge I obtain here.

sA Imhotep

Certified Peer Specialist, Philosopher, and Spiritual Warrior

The Pan African Alliance is an organization that I had been looking for. It brings order to all the information swirling around about our origin, our present condition, and our future... To add to this, it provides help to us members who want to develop academically, mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially. What I like the most is that the Pan African Alliance is not just a lot of talk... there’s action here.

Carolyn J.

New Member and Kemetic Spirituality Course Student

Being part of the Pan African Alliance has definitely guided me to some amazing books. I was always one who loved learning new things and the new amazing things I've learned via this alliance is so uplifting and motivating that I am even more proud to be who I am. There are so many great possibilities out there for us that I was unaware of before joining the family and I am so thankful to be a member.

Nyeusi "Bella" Bee

Member #216

Medical Laboratory Scientist

I came into consciousness not realizing the full scope of what was going on around me, but being a part of the Alliance gave me a  guidance and  purpose when I felt alone and lost in this world. I have been able to further my knowledge well past my expectations and connect with a beautiful variety of forward thinking and like-minded people I consider family.

Chinemelu Kodili

Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Entrepreneur

I joined the Pan African Alliance about a year ago when I began to research and explore about Pan Africanism. PAA became a village for me with immense resources and support. It is truly a family affair at PAA with elders and other like minded people who truly want the best for our community. Joining PAA helped me find my purpose and I couldn’t be any happier. PAA gives me hope for the future and that we are on the right path.

Elder Rhonda

Member #179

Community Leader, Educator, and Writer

PAA has provided me a safe place to learn and grow. I accomplished writing my first article after receiving training as part of the Writer's Circle. This group provides a home, a place to belong as a person serious about improving outcomes for their family, community, and People of African Descent. 

Heather Greaves

Wellness Messenger

I had no idea that when I signed for the 5 Elements Course with the Pan African Alliance (PAA) that a floodgate knowledge would be available to my inquiring mind. From clarifying and crafting a statement of purpose to developing a communal self that gives and receives support, it’s all here within the circle. 

Nipsey Green

Core Executive Council

As long as I've known Asad, I've never known anyone as thorough and efficient. I've counted on him for multiple occasions and he has been nothing but loyal, dependable, and steadfast in his support.

Queen Mother Nana Maasai Twa Sonekai

Words and graphic inspiration for women of Afrakan/Black descent

There is a proverb in Afrakan Spiritualty that admonishes the aspirant by stating: “First you do the work; then you do the WORK!” I have been in numerous so-called conscious communities where the attendees are not serious about the life that they say they seek...that is a refreshing difference with the Pan-African Alliance membership...The study courses are rich with opportunities to digest new teaching, ask questions, and then assignments to implement and augment the experience into spiritual elevation.




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